Insurance Company Overviews

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Know your insurer

Before you commit to an insurance product get the background on Australia’s most popular insurers that provide insurances for cars, utes, vans, trucks, motorbikes, boats, jet skis, caravans and motorhomes. is here to help you make sense of it all by providing you with information resources and connecting you with experienced professionals who will search their lenders and insurers to find the latest deals so you get 3 Free Quotes to evaluate and compare.


Australia’s main insurers

These insurers offer a range of products for various different assets. Some of the products are available direct from the insurer whilst some products are only available through their authorised representative brokers and retailers.


Allianz Group – The Allianz Group has over 78 million customers in 70 different countries. Allianz Australia has more than 2 million policy holders and through its subsidiaries offers a range of insurance and risk management product s and services, including motor, boat, consumer credit and lifestyle protection. Allianz Australia has a number of specialist brands and services, including: Club Marine, Hunter Premium Funding, Allianz Life and Allianz Marine and Transit.


Insurance Australia Group (IAG) – IAG is a multinational insurance company which was formed by the demutualisation of the NRMA insurance business in 2000. IAG’s Australian operations distribute a range of personal and commercial insurance products, including motor, motorbike, caravan, boat, marine and consumer credit. IAG isn’t a customer facing brand but has a number of well-known insurance brands, including: CGU, Lumley Insurance, NRMA, SGIC, SGIO, Swann Insurance and Wesfarmers Insurance.


QBE Insurance Group – QBE is Australia’s largest global insurer. It provides insurance services mainly to Australia, America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. QBE Australia is a division of the QBE Insurance Group. It provides a range of insurance products, including motor, motorbike, caravan and boat insurance.


Suncorp Group – The Suncorp Group includes general insurance, banking, life insurance and superannuation brands in Australia and New Zealand. It has five core businesses: Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Vero New Zealand, Suncorp Bank and Suncorp Life. Suncorp Insurance products include motor, motorbike, motorhome, caravan, trailer and boat insurance. The group has a range of insurance brands including: Suncorp Insurance, AAMI, GIO, Apia, Vero, Shannons, Just Car Insurance, Insurance My Ride, Bingle, Terri Scheer, CIL and Resilium.


Our loan experts are generally also qualified to advise you on general insurance products. They can be a great source of information and often have access to a range of insurers to help you choose the right protection options for you.

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