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By using you will Save Time, Save Hassle, Save Money and ultimately find the very best van finance deal for you. No more roaming from website to website trying to pick up bits of information, and to find the best deals. To make things fast and easy for you we’ve put everything in 1 place –

Whether you’re full time employed, part-time, casual, self-employed, retired or operating a small business, experienced professionals will help you find the right solution. Even If you’re on a working visa, a recent migrant or had credit problems in the past you will be matched with a specialist loan expert who can assist you. is a free, independent service. We don’t arrange finance and aren’t tied to any particular lender or broker. To learn more about who we are and what we do click here.


Van Loans

How they are regarded by Lenders Vans are a popular type of asset for most lenders (banks, finance companies). They’re generally classed as a good risk as they are easy to value, there is a large re-sale market for them and most borrowers are committed to making their repayments as their van is often essential to them.  This means that there are lots of lenders participating in this sector and competition is high and constantly changing.

Available Options – There are plenty of options available on both new and used vans but there tends to be more choice in terms of financing options and more competitive interest rates available on new and nearly new vans. This is because many lenders view newer vans as being lower risk.

Options are available no matter if you’re buying from a dealership, auction or a private sale. is here to help you make sense of it all by providing you with information resources and connecting you with experienced professionals who specialise in van finance and will search their lenders to find the latest deals so you get 3 Free Quotes to evaluate and compare.


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